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Keep Moisture Out Of a Gun Safe

A gun safe can help in protecting your firearm collection from fire, theft and even unauthorized use as well as it can keep a lot of hazards away. Unluckily, it also limits the airflow around your guns, and this allows the moisture in the air to attack them. The problem is that the humid air can cause mildew, corrosion and rust to either wood or steel parts, therefore, it is necessary to take steps to protect your investment by dealing with the danger of humidity.

No doubt, the initial step to store guns in a secure manner is the proper lubrication and cleaning, but you are also required to do everything you can for removing humidity from the space you have decided to store your guns.

The Danger of Humidity – A Potential Misfire

Being the owner of firearms, you must be aware of the significance of keeping them secure and safe.

Gun Safe Hygrometers

  • One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy a gun safe and always store your all guns in the safe when you are not using them.
  • When your guns are secure from misuse and fire, they can submit to another danger, known as gun safe humidity.
  • Due to the presence of excess moisture, your guns may become rusty and it can result in the sticking of parts, causing a potential misfire.

Therefore, it should be one of your top priorities to control moisture in your gun safe, and this article focuses on the tips to prevent moisture from mounting up to undesirable levels in your gun safe.

Major Causes of Moisture:

There are a number of ways in which moisture can enter your gun cases and also wreak havoc on your firearms. 

  • Basement Location: Whether you notice it or not, moisture is always present in the air.  Some houses have greater levels of humidity as compared to the others, this means, there will be more moisture present.  If you store your guns in the gun safe, which is located in the basement, your guns will be susceptible to greater levels of moisture as compared to the other parts of the house.
  • Humidity Building through Walls: The moisture can come from different places, such as through the walls in your home can cause the humidity to build.
  • Tropical Climate: In case, you are living in a tropical climate, then you will have greater levels of moisture in your house also.

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The Easiest Way to Decrease Humidity:

The easiest method to decrease the risk from humidity is to make sure that you keep the inside of your gun safe at a bit higher temperature as compared to the outside. This will both decrease the moisture amount in the air as well also prevent extra moisture to condense onto your firearms where it can begin to do damage.

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers:

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

The Dehumidifiers, specifically electric ones, for example, the “Golden Rod”, is one of the excellent ways for keeping moisture out of a gun safe. These are cheap 12 inches to 16-inch rods, which work when you heat the surface temperature to about 120 to 150 degrees and keep the inside of the gun safe at a constant temperature. This not only lowers the humidity inside the gun safe but also aids in preventing rust.

  • For the installation, just mount it to the wall or floor of the safe, and then route the detachable cord via a hole in the back of the gun safe. After this, plug it in.
  • This is a perfect, economical and simple solution to humidity. Besides this, it’s compact enough to fit in easily any safe and also very effective.

Silica Packs:

Silica Packs for Gun Safe

Another great way of controlling the moisture present inside your gun case is to utilize silica packs. Basically, Silica is a material that absorbs moisture actively and also keeps everything humidity-free and dry.  The Silica packs are generally found in beef jerky bags for keeping the meat-free of moisture and dry.

  • You can easily purchase these bags online for a low price in bulk size.  However, you must put at least three silica packs in the gun case and make sure that they are not directly touching any of your guns.
  • The Silica packs can harm your gunmetal and even cause rust and corrosion in case, they come into contact with your firearms.

Types Of Cases to Keep Moisture Out of the Gun:

You can also keep moisture out of your gun cases by buying a case that features a built-in sealant system.  The most common sealants include silicone, foam, and caulking.  You need to apply this around the door jamb and on the inside of the gun case for preventing air and moisture from seeping into the case.  If you have bought a gun case that doesn’t include any kind of sealant system, then you can even modify your existing case with caulking or silicone to make sure that excess moisture is not making its way into the gun case.

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