How to Move a Heavy Gun Safe: 4 Tips to Make it Easy

How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe

It is your prime responsibility to own a gun safe in case you have firearms in your house. But one complication with gun safes is that they are quite heavy and it’s not easy to move them. Although this appears to be something really good once the gun safe is in place, taking it to its final destination can be a cumbersome task. It makes no difference whether you own only one pistol or numerous handguns and rifles; it is inevitable to have a gun safe of good quality in either case. It can either be a 600-pound gun safe which is very large that you keep in your basement or a small one that you hold in your nightstand. To be very honest, a gun safe is not only necessary for safeguarding your guns but your family too.

Holding guns in your house leads to many safety risks both for yourself as well as your family.  If you possess guns, it’s essential to keep them in a good condition in order to curb the risk to inexperienced gun handlers, children or burglars from approaching them. Though you have the right to proudly expose your prized firearms and your gun case, this is generally not the best choice, particularly if you reside in an area where the crime rate is high.

Moving a Gun Safe:

Transferring gun safe from one place to another mostly requires a number of people in case you do not have the appropriate equipment and tools needed for this work. This article will streamline some of the best methods that can be employed to move a gun safe to various locations, as well as information regarding the equipment and tools that will assist in accomplishing its transportation successfully.

How To Move A Gun Safe Off A Truck

General Information Regarding the Movement of a Gun Safe:

Being the owner of a gun safe, you are aware of the fact that they are large, heavy and hard to move. Depending on its size, the weight of a gun safe made of metal can be as much as 300 pounds even when it has nothing inside it.

Risks Inherent in Moving a Gun Safe:

  • Attempting to move a gun safe all by yourself is not a good option, and if tried can cause severe injuries of arm, leg, and back.
  • Truly speaking, you can easily strain tendons, pulled muscles or even have a bone broken if you attempt to move a huge object like a gun safe.

A Few Things to Consider While Moving a Gun Safe

How To Move A Liberty Gun Safe

The use of a dolly for safes of medium and small size is suggested since it is going to increase the ease with which the safe can be moved from one room to another and eliminates the need to carry and lift the massive object physically. While moving a gun safe, it is advised that you must have at least someone else who can help you to place it on the dolly and taking it to its new place.

Downstairs Moving of a Gun Safe:

Generally, gun safes are kept in the lower level of a house for instance in the family room’s basement.  Moving a bulky object like a gun safe down the stairs can be extremely difficult and there is a high probability of injury if the case drops and falls on the person striving to move it.

Moving of a Gun Safe

Tips to Move a Gun Safe Downstairs

If you are moving your gun safe downstairs, it is necessary to stick to some basic safety precautions:

  • You must always use a dolly (the ones which are specifically made for stairs are the most appropriate) for assisting in transporting the gun safe, and also some kind of securing mechanism, like a rope or ratchet strap.
  • Begin with the top of the stairs having one person holding the handles of the dolly/cart.
  • You must have, at a minimum, two persons on the stairs to direct and hold the dolly down the steps of the stairs, taking one step at a time.
  • Ensure that you ease the dolly wheels as you take each step-down so that your stairs don’t get damaged and also to avoid running the risk of getting your safe detracted from the dolly which can really prove injurious for your helpers.

Moving a Gun Safe Upstairs:

Gun Safe Upstairs

Moving a gun safe upstairs is in reality much easier as well as safer than moving it downstairs. Here too, a securing mechanism and a dolly must be used.  One person should lead the gun safe and dolly up whereas two or more than two persons should physically lift the dolly up the stairs, taking just a single step at once.

Final Note:

In case you are not fully comfortable as to how to move a gun safe by yourself, you should go for an online search for gun safe movers in your own locality. Conduct proper research to look for renowned companies that have been in this business for several years. These are the professionals who would have probably gone through almost any kind of moving situation you can think of.

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