Magnum 18 Gun Safe Review: Things to be Considered while Buying

Magnum 18 Gun Safe

The Magnum 18 Gun Safe is the newest safe in the Magnum line of Fire Protective Digital Lock security safes. This safe is large and is recommended for use in any professional security storage. Even though you may expect it to not function as well because of its size, that’s far from the truth. The quick entry electronic keypad Technology is the new second-generation security technology that Magnum has specially created for its safes.

The gun safe has approximately 8.5 cubic feet of storage space, which means that it’s perfect for almost any sort of storage. Handguns to large-sized Rifle, laptops, video cameras, ammunition, and a variety of objects can fit into the Magnum 18 Gun Safe with ease. It also features a new manual three-point solid deadbolt locking system that can be quickly opened with one hand turn motion. Enter the combination of digits, turn the handle, and you’re in. The inside of the safe has two shelves and a floor mat as well.

Just in case the long-lasting batteries (2 years on four AA batteries) or you have some other problem accessing your valuables, you can access the safe with two manual keys. The safe also features pre-drilled anchor points that you can use to secure the safe to the floor or wall with the included mounting hardware. It also includes an emergency battery pack that you can use from the outside to access the safe.

Size and where it fits:

The Magnum 18 Gun Safe is 20 inch x 18 inch x 59 inches and weighs approximately 273 lbs. This is larger than many other Rifle safes, but it will fit through most doorways and in some closets.

What it’s made of:

The body material is made of solid steel that is covered with black powder, making it have an attractive look. Even though there are other gun safes that are made out of more durable material, this gun safe is also fairly durable.

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Why this Gun Safe is good?

Even though a lot of people talk about the material that the Magnum 18 Gun Safe is made from, it is well safe to use to keep your weapons away from children. When you are away from home, your children cannot open your safe. Gun safety around children is always a concern, and the Magnum 18 Gun Safe makes sure that you have peace of mind regarding firearm safety. The digital locking technology makes sure of that; unless you tell your children the pass combination of the machine (which you should never do), you have virtually nothing to worry about.

The locking is very high quality (especially because it is the second generation of Magnum 18 Gun Safe and works with almost no problems at all. Some owners have reported no wrong readings after 200 or more openings. That is an incredibly good track record when you compare it to some of the issues that you hear about other safe’s digital locking technologies.

Another huge selling point of the Magnum 18 Gun Safe is the cost. When compared to other safes of this category, you can find the Magnum 18 Gun Safe for some fairly low prices. Depending on where you buy it, you can find it for a lower cost than some other similar feature gun safes, which means that you’re getting even more quality and security for even less cost. Who doesn’t want more quality and more security for less? I know that’s a huge deal for me and my family. All in all, the Magnum 18 Gun Safe is safe and reliable and a fairly good decision for the amount of money you’ll spend on it.


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If you are looking for a larger rifle safe, the Magnum 18 Gun Safe is one of the better choices that you can find. But there may be other large rifle safes that you can find, so don’t just settle for this one. If you look around our site, you will find that we are providing you with the best, first-hand information so that you can make an informed decision about the gun safes that you are buying. If you own guns, having a good gun safe is incredibly important to the safety of your family, so don’t make the process of buying a good gun safe lightly. Do your research, look around the site and find all of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision.

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The Magnum 18 Gun Safe is the newest safe in the Magnum line of Fire Protective Digital Lock security safes. This safe is large and is recommended for use in any professional security storage.

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