A Guide To Installing A Gun Safe – Find the Best Place for your Gun Safe

A Guide To Installing A Gun Safe

Although installing a gun safe is not very complicated, there are a few things one ought to bear in mind. This write up shall serve as a guide to anyone wanting to install a gun safe.

Secure it to a Surface:

The first thing to think about is fastening the gun safe to a strong surface, and a concrete ground is good for this purpose. In order to do this, you’d have to use some strong fasteners and may be an assortment of bolts. In case fastening the gun safe to the ground is a problem, you can always think about bolting your safe onto a strong wall. To do this you can use wall studs made especially for this purpose, and these can also be hooked up to rather affordable electronic sensors.

If you feel that your safe’s bottom isn’t very strong, you ought to consider reinforcing it by using some strips of metal in between the bottom of the safe and the head of the bolts. This is simply because these strips of metal will be much more difficult to rip through in case the safe is being forcefully removed.

Finding the Right Spot:

How To Secure A Safe In An Apartment

When it comes to finding a place for the gun safe, you should try and look for a spot that would block access to any number of sides of the safe (except the door, of course). Bear in mind that a number of safes come with their sides, tops, and rear portions being weaker than the door, and if you can block access to these regions, it’d work as an additional fortification. If you can manage to find a spot that limits maneuverability, it’s definitely a good idea.

In case you intend to use your basement or garage to store your gun safe, it is important that you do not keep your tools anywhere in the vicinity. This, after all, would only give any probable thief more options to work with, and if this does end up happening, you’d surely end up feeling like quite a fool. After all, who’d want they’re safe to be forced opened using their own blow torch?

Also important is to keep your gun safe in an area that is devoid of fire hazards. This includes keeping it away from combustible materials like gunpowder, fuel, paints, wood, etc. This is because in case there’s a fire, these items would pose a direct threat to the safe and the contents stored therein.

Given below are a few pointers which should help.

Look for a spot where the gun safe can be well concealed. If the safe can’t be found, there’s little chance that it’ll be robbed.

  • Use a gun cabinet to keep a few of your cheaper guns out in the open. In case you’re being robbed, this could appear to be your entire gun collection.
  • Find yourself a good alarm system. This is simply because there is no dearth of instances when alarms going off have deterred thieves from their plans.
  • Ensure that the gun safe is firmly affixed to a strong surface as this will make removing it quite a challenge. On the other hand, if your safe is not fixed or loosely fixed, someone can easily carry it out of your house.
  • Using a smoke detector can serve as a deterrent as most cutting and drilling activities tend to generate some kind of smoke. In case hooking up an entire smoke detection system is a problem, simply installing a smoke detector unit above the safe and running a wire from it will give the appearance that it’s hooked to the home’s security system. This, again, should serve as a deterrent.
  • In case you’re using your utility room or garage for keeping your gun safe, you can even consider placing a ‘high voltage’ warning side on the door to act as a possible deterrent.

As long as you follow these basic precautions, your gun safe should be safe. What’s also important though, is that you look for reliable safety in the first place.

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