Top 8 Myths about Gun Safe Theft Protection that You Need to Be Aware of

Top 8 Myths about Gun Safe Theft Protection

If you are a gun owner, you know that it is important to store your guns safely and securely. The last thing you want is for your firearms to fall into the wrong hands or even be used against you if and when someone breaks into your home. You may think that you are storing your firearms properly but this may not, in fact, be correct.

Here is a guide to look at the top 8 myths surrounding gun safes and how secure they make your firearms.

  1. All Gun Safes are equally Secure: many people believe that because two different products are built to house firearms that they are equally secure. They may not realize the difference between a gun “safe” and a gun “cabinet”. This can be a huge mistake. A safe is usually made of heavier metal and has a more complicated locking system built into it. A cabinet will often have a very simple lock that may be easy for thieves to bypass.
  2. Storing a gun in a cabinet will protect it from all kinds of damage: A gun safe may protect the contents against fire or water damage. Many models have fire retardant qualities and will give you an estimate on how long the contents can be subjected to heat without being damaged. A gun “cabinet” is often made of thinner metal and will have no fire rating which can be devastating in the case of a home catching fire.
  3. Your Gun Safe means you can store your weapons in a loaded state: For some individuals, keeping firearms in a safe makes them feel that it is acceptable to store their firearms loaded. This is a very dangerous practice. It means that if someone such as a friend or relative is able to access the cabinet they will not have to load the firearm. This can lead to an accidental discharge and someone may be hurt or even killed.
  4. Your gun safe does not need to be bolted down: Many people think that because their safety is large and heavy it does not need to be bolted down. They assume that thieves will attempt to open the safe rather than remove the entire cabinet. This may be true if someone wants to grab items quickly but some thieves are willing to simply take the entire cabinet. It is important to make sure your cabinet is permanently bolted down so that thieves cannot simply steal the entire unit.
  5. Electronic locks are better than mechanical ones: Many individuals are purchasing safes with electronic locks. They feel that they are better than mechanical key or combination locks. While it may be more difficult for you to pick an electronic lock you do need to keep in mind that electronic devices will cease to work if they no longer have a power supply of some sort. In the case of a fire, the mechanism may melt and it will then be necessary to access your firearms using another method.
  6. A Gun Safe will deter any criminal: Most people love the sense of security that a gun safe gives them. They feel that it will keep out any criminal who wants to access their gun collection. This is not the case. It will deter someone who wants to pull a fast in-and-out theft but will not deter a determined criminal. They may simply steal the entire safe and open it when they have more time or have the means and equipment to disarm your lock and gain access to your collection.
  7. Where you put your gun safe is not important: Many people do not realize that location is important when positioning a gun safe. If it is in a very visible location it may attract unwanted attention if there are repair people or strangers in your home. If it is in a basement it may be more secure but there can be an increased chance that items will be damaged in a fire. A garage will be better for fire safety but it may be easy for a criminal to gain access to this part of your home.
  8. You only need a gun safe to keep firearms secure: This is not always the case. It is important to take other steps for your firearms to be secure. Most experts advise that you should store weapons in an unloaded state and that ammunition should be kept in a separate location that is also secure. Finally, many areas also require gun owners to put trigger locks on their firearms when they are being stored.

Taking the time to store your firearms properly can ensure that your family will be kept safe both from theft and from accidental access and use by people who may not have the training or experience to shoot a gun safely.

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