6 Gun Control Tips: Save Your Gun First So That It Can Save You Later

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Three out of every 10 men in a street these days own a gun in their households. There can be several reasons for keeping a gun with you which includes, trespassing theft, protection of the family, self-defense, hunting purposes, job requirements and many more. But the foremost thing people skip about keeping a gun at home is, it’s safety inside the house. The gun that is going to provide a shield to you can be equally harmful in many cases.


Following things should be kept in mind when you own a Gun:

  • The gun should stay out of reach of the children at your home.
  • Not every individual at your home should know where the gun is kept to avoid any negligence.
  • There should be a gun safe present at your place where not everyone but you can have easy access.

stay out of reach of the children

Why you should keep your Gun Safe from people other than you?

  1. If there is any trespasser or burglar who has entered your home and does not hold a gun, you can easily access your gun and get a hold on everything.
  2. Children while playing come across your weapon and the result can cost you regret your whole life.
  3. During fights and tensed moments, people can’t get a hold on their emotions and hence the result can be devastating for the whole family. Small fights can cost the lives of our dear ones only due to negligence.
  4. There can be anyone who can use your licensed weapon for robbery and you would be blamed and penalized for that.

Keeping Your Gun Safe:

Guns should be kept safe due to many reasons as already mentioned above in the blog. How to keep them safe is the question that arises. Here is a list of ways to keep your gun safe with recommended tips and tricks that one should know when keeping a gun.


Get a case for your gun to be kept in. There is a variety of cases available in the market coming in various ranges; Soft cases and Hard cases. Hard cases are preferred over soft as they provide protection more than the soft ones. Fancy cases are also available for people who are fond of keeping fancy accessories for their weapons.


Gun safes are also a very good option to keep your gun into. During the advancement in recent years, various types of gun safes are now present.

Your Gun safe should have the following traits:

  1. It should be portable so that if in future you may need to change the location for your gun, you would do be able to do it easily.
  2. It should be password protected so that not everyone, but only you can have access to it in order to avoid any of the mishaps already mentioned at the start of this blog.
  3. If you cannot afford a new gun safe, second-hand gun safes are not a bad choice too.
  4. Gun safes should be bought from a reliable source.



Trigger locks are one of the most reliable approaches to keep a gun safe from accidental shots. Triggers should be locked by the clips that are present near the trigger. These trigger locks provide a lock that allows creating a hindrance in order to avoid accidental fire from the gun. Accidental fires can be shot anytime during the cleaning of the armor during mishandling, so, in order to avoid these types of mishaps, triggers should be locked.


Think of a safe place that cannot be accessed by every individual at your place. But, on the other hand, this is the most important thing for you to keep it in your easy access as you would be the one to have your hands on it the moment when someone intrudes in your home. Choosing a safe place to keep a gun is very tricky. It varies from home to home. It depends on the design of your house and how the movement of people at your place varies from room to room. Because in some homes, the living room is the most populated place while in others, the living room is only populated when guests come over. So, you should observe all of the spaces at your place that is easily accessible yet are not always populated.


Keep a check on your gun on a regular basis so that you are sure that it is present there.

At times, when people forget to keep a check on the presence of their weapon, theft and missing of weapon cases have been reported. For instance, you forgot to check you had your gun in your case or not and somebody had already stolen it and you don’t even remember for how long it had not been there.




Keep a check on the working condition of your gun, like, see it’s machinery and check whether it needs lubrication or not. Rusting takes place on guns if they are not maintained or checked properly. So, in order to avoid this error, one should keep a weekly check on his guns so that they are not rusted off.

Keeping a gun at home is beneficial but on the other hand, is very risky and requires care. So one should take care of this precious weapon by not forgetting the points mentioned above.

Hope this blog proves to be beneficial for all the readers out there. Happy surfing, people!

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