A Complete Guide to Buying a Gun Safe – What to Look For?

Guide to Buying a Gun Safe

Buying a safe for your guns can seem challenging, but with little help, you should know just what will fit your bill. This write-up shall serve as a starting point to help answer your questions.

How Big?

Consider buying a safe which is large enough, not just of your existing needs, but for your needs of the future as well. After all, there is every possibility that the number of guns you own will increase over a period of time. Besides, your gun safe can also be used to store other household valuables. Realize that gun collection are often quite expensive and ensuring that they’re kept safely only makes sense. However, although people don’t mind spending lavishly on other safety measures, they are often found wanting when it comes to spending for a good gun safe.

Second-Hand Safes:

In case you don’t have much money to spend on a new safe, you can always opt to buy one that’s been used before. The good thing with second-hand safes is that they’re generally in fairly good condition. If you’re looking for a second hand safe, then looking at businesses in the midst of relocations can get you some great deals.

Gun Safe Sizes

Go Through Various Options:

Going through the offerings of different companies is also important. This is because different companies are known to offer different features. For instance, while one safe might offer slide-out drawers, another might come with door mounted racks. The same also holds true when it comes to the materials and technologies that different companies use. Some companies offer wooden shelving on the inside, and some companies are known to used advanced technologies to make their safes burglar and fireproof. Some companies offer extra insulation through the use of special “Sheet Rock” paneling.

Inspect the Finer Nuances:

Bear in mind that there is more to a safe than its size. This makes it pertinent that you know just what you’re buying. Opting for “heavy gauge” steel as opposed to lighter versions is recommended as this makes the safe harder to cut or drill through. Steer clear of safes which seem rather light as their walls could easily be cut through. Most good safes come with some kind of a rating or certification, and this is also something you should look at.

Heavy Gun Safe

Fire Resistance:

Another aspect that requires your attention is whether the safe in question is fire resistant. This is because if you are to fire-proof the safe on your own, not only will you have to spend a considerable amount of money, but the efficiency can also leave a lot to be desired. In case your requirements include having to store sensitive data, opting for a ‘commercial’ grade fireproof safe would be a good idea.

Tamper Proofing:

Find out if the safe you wish to buy come with any protection against drilling. This is because low-quality safes can easily be opened with access to some simple tools. If you’re looking for a safe to thwart burglary attempts, look for ones with “Relockers“. A Relocker refers to a hardened pin which is triggered when the safe is being opened forcefully, and getting past this requires one to drill for hours. Different safes come with different numbers of Relockers and this can range from two to over ten.

Precautionary Measures:

Storing gun powder in your safe is a definite no. After all, this could make your safe a potential bomb. Additionally, the gun powder needs to be stored away from light and moisture, preferably in a box made from wood. Storing primers in your safe can also have a similar effect, and is definitely a fire hazard. In case you have many primers, it is best if you don’t store them in a single place. Leaving a wooden pallet around the safe is definitely not advised, and this will only help in shifting the safe. Keeping the safe plainly visible is also not suggested, and this, in a way, would act as an invitation to probable thieves. If you own cutting torches or power tools, they should be nowhere near your safe for obvious reasons.

Know that gun safe are good alternatives to store your guns, and as long as you’re careful about what you’re buying, there’s little chance to go wrong. And if you need more information, you can always refer to the internet.

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