American Security BF6032 Safe Review

Average Gun Safe Rating on Amazon:

The Amsec BF6032 scored high on Amazon with customer ratings with a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. What is most impressive about receiving that kind of review is that the buyers rating it even had some small complaints about the safe but still considered it such an excellent entry model that they gave it 5 stars. The complaints were minor, such as it will fit 30 guns but not 30 guns with attached scopes. The overall impression of the gun safe is that it is a great buy.

Gun Safe Summary:

The Amsec BF6032 gun safe is meant to be a part of your daily life. While its structural emphasis is on theft prevention and fire prevention, the design elements are what make this a great choice for an openly displayed safely in any environment. You can get the Amsec BF6032 finished in a variety of colors to let it sit back into the décor of a room. Its interior includes a power and expansion capability for interior lighting but the back wall of the safe is also mirror polished to enhance interior visibility. This gun safe is designed to be actively used more as armory storage than just security storage. There are many different customization possibilities from the included adjustable shelves to premium add-ons that can be purchased separately.

Size and where it fits:

The Amsec BF6032 gun safe can fit in most standard closets and through standard house doorways. It measures a tight 59 ¼” H by 30” W by 21” D. It comes with two handles, a 5-spoke dial handle and a pull handle that only add additional 3-inches to the depth. The empty weight of the gun safe is 862 lbs. This means you can place it in any room, on any floor providing care is taken to keep it close to the supporting joists underneath. There are pre-drilled holes that will allow you to bolt the gun safely directly to the floor. The Amsec BF6032 is designed to allow quick access to your long guns so placing it where the door can be opened to the full range of its 180-degree hinge radius is going to be a consideration. It also comes with an excellent inside door organizer which means you want to be able to open the door so it is flush to the opening of the safe container for the best combination of access to all of your storage. Placement by a bookshelf or filing cabinet can be the best so it has room enough to be opened. You can place it in a closet, but that may restrict ease of access to the door organizer.

What it’s made of:

The Amsec BF6032 gun safe uses a combination of steel container structure with fire protection and insulation to create a highly rated UL RSC container that can withstand 1245 degrees for over 90 minutes. The additional layer of insulation guarantees that the maximum interior temperature will not exceed 350 degrees. The Amsec BF6032 also features additional fire seals around the access door. The steel structure is made from 11 gauge steel with 1.5-inch chrome steel locking bolts and commercial grade ball-bearing hinges. The included security lock is UL class II rated and inset on a ½-inch steel plate door. The container is made from 2-inch thick steel plates joined with a continuous weld.

Why this Gun Safe is good:

All the elements of the Amsec BF6032 make it a good choice for this level of gun safe, but what makes this one a cut above the rest is their Premium Door Organizer (PDO). Included with every unit, this is a cloth organizer attached to the inside of the door that goes far beyond the typical ripstop pockets that other gun safes provide. This organizer includes two quick access, long gun holders. This makes it ideal for quick response actions as you do not have to go further than cracking the safe door to be able to access a rifle, ammunition and everything else you will need. Another bonus to the Amsec BF6032 lies in their premium options, the safe is already set up to receive a dehumidifier, jewelry trays and interior lights – just like other gun safes of its level, but American Security is one of the few manufacturers to directly offer compatible premium add-ons with the direct order of the safe. This makes it cheaper and easier to add premium features than having to hunt down third-party add-ons that will fit the gun safe.


The Amsec BF6032 gun safe is geared toward protecting your weapons from theft and fire but also maximizes your ability to access your guns in the event of an emergency. If this is a priority consideration for you, make sure to read the other reviews on and check out our comparison guide for gun safes that also place a priority on access. Once you get all the information you need on each safe, it will be easier to choose which one will work best for you.

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